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Osteopathy is a manual therapy form of medical practice that emphasizes a wholistic approach to the body: skin, fascia , muscles, tendons, bones, joints and inner organs. 

Dysfunctions and congestions are gently treated by way of restorative manipulation in order to improve and restore suppleness, blood flow, lymphatic drainage and supply of nerves. 

In this way muscles and organs are again optimally supplied and the body’s self-healing capacity is reactivated, which will have a long-lasting positive effect beyond the treatment. 

I practice according to osteopathic principles with an emphasis on the musculoskeletal system and  lameness. I may add any other treatment methods as I deem necessary.


When does osteopathic treatment make sense and when does it not?



  • - lameness that could not be clearly diagnosed by a veterinarian 

    - general stiffness, abnormal gait, stumbling, problems in contact, head shaking,  

    pace-like gait, inability of neck extension,absence of throughness in the neck

    - bucking, rearing, insubordination,

    - faulty start off in canter, unwanted flying changes, disunited canter, refusing to take off

    - withdrawal in the moment of weight shift during collection 



  • - pregnancy, while administering painkillers, open wounds, tumour patients



Frequency: one check-up per year as well as in case of conspicuity/accidents, in the case of sport horses under heavy strain it is advised to have a check-up in six to eight month increments.



Additional treatment methods: medical taping, dry needling, stress point therapy, acupuncture


After a joint has undergone osteopathic manipulation the adjacent muscles also need to be treated. Otherwise there will be no long term benefits. It is extremely important  that you adhere to a post-treatment plan that will include exercises and stretches for your horse!

Furthermore I utilize physio-therpeutical muscular and fascia treatment, medical taping (see Blog) and trigger point therapy according to Jack Meagher. Applying these methods to defined areas of the muscle by way of massage or needling leads to the relaxation of the muscle. In addition to that I utilize acupoints that according to traditional Chinese therapeutic practices give an additional positive stimulus to the overall equine system.




On request I am available for lectures at any clubs or to groups of riders. Possible topics can include: anatomically correct riding, training of horses, consequential damage due to unphysiological riding, effects of tooth health on suppleness and the contact, etc. Please give me a call if you are interested or have suggestions for any further topics.



Treatment Procedure

In order to conduct the treatment please provide a calm environment with a soft ground (e.g. riding hall). The to be judged horse must have been cleaned and dried, and will be longed in all gaits as well as on a straight line. If needed it will also be judged under a rider. Please provide any history about the general health conditions, any laming, accidents, treatments, medications, abnormalities in character or any other notable changes.

Next is the actual treatment in which changed structures are made out by touch, tested and corrected. During this procedure I will fully focus on your horse while you may stand a few steps back holding the horse by its lead rope. It is totally legitimate for the horse to be turning its head to watch what I am doing, to take a few steps back and forth or to give any defensive reactions. In this way the horse can signal pain or wellbeing. It is up to the patient how much time this procedure takes. 

If needed, an external examination of the teeth and a check up on proper positioning of the saddle is added to the overall procedure. 

For an initial treatment a total amount of two hours should be taken into account.


Please note that following the treatment a resting period of at a minimum 48 hours should be kept during which the horse should freely roam in a paddock or pasture. Any further necessary treatment will be discussed on a case by case basis after the initial diagnosis has been made.

It is possible that in case of lesion or intense muscular adhesion the symptoms get worse at first but after ten days at the latest they should disappear.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions of problems. 


In certain cases it may be advised to do a follow-up treatment of check-up after three to six weeks.







Initial Treatment

The initial treatment will cost 100€ at a maximum. This includes  examination, treatment, debriefing and possibly saddle assessment. 

I will decide on a case by case basis whether it would be beneficial for your horse to additionally conduct a trigger point treatment or to apply elastic therapeutic tape. 

Please note that I only accept cash payment.

If your horse does not exhibit any blockades or  tenseness of the muscles - even better. In such a case I will not charge the full amount, of course, but will only charge time expenses.


Follow-up Treatment

 The costs for follow-up treatment depend on the amount of time they require and can be anywhere between 60-90€.


Travel Expenses

o,5€ / km

My catchment area mainly extends across northern Germany. However, if necessary I am also available for services beyond that in any other part of Germany as well as abroad. Please contact me for further details. 




Großer Diebsteig 22

18439 Stralsund



0049-171-26 62 797

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About me

Ariane von Oertzen Becker



* DIPO stands for Deutsches Institut for Pferde-Osteopathie, engl. German Institut for Horse-Osteopathy


VETERINARIAN (Please note, that I am not offering any veterinary services)


- Diplom* Degree in Veterinary Medicine from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

* “According to World Education Services, a German Diplom is equivalent to having earned both U.S. bachelor's and master's degrees.” ("International Credential Evaluation - World Education Services”, wes.org., retrieved 9 August 2016.) 

- parallel to earning Diplom training of acupuncture treatment for horses and dogs at the Centre for Animal-Therapy Munich (Tier-Therapie-Zentrum München)

- numerous internships at clinics for horses in Germany and abroad

- numerous further education and continuing education courses in the area of equine medicine 

- resident at Equine- and Small Animal Clinic Wahlstedt and Veterinarian Clinic DVM* Bernd Kasten 

*DVM stands for Diplom-Veterinärmediziner, engl. veterinarian with German Diplom certificate 

- training for horse osteopathy at German Institute for Horse Osteopathy (DIPO),   German FN*-recognized, in Dülmen, Germany

(* FN stands for Fédération Équestre Nationale, the German Riding Association, short German FN)

- continuing education course in Medical Taping for Horses by Vetkintape®

- continuing education course for Craniosacral Therapy for horses

- proprietor of DRA III (Deutsches Reitabzeichen skill level 3, equivalent to Advanced Riding Ability according to Long Riders Guild Academic Foundation  (http://www.lrgaf.org/guide/ability.htm) and LA 5 (Longing Certificate 5)


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